6 Reasons WHY You Should Choose a Mortgage Broker (Wholesale) Vs. A Bank (Retail).

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“But I LOVE my Twenty-Third, Union, Army, National, Credit Bank!” This is a typical statement we hear often from clients regarding their decision between choosing a traditional (retail) bank or a Mortgage Broker (wholesale) when buying a home loan. We know the commitment (and pressure) individuals feel to stay loyal to their banks, however, investing into real estate is a 15-20 year commitment that requires knowledge. With knowledge comes power and it is OF value to inform you of that information.

1. A Mortgage Broker is an expert in the mortgage industry – we study the market trends so we can shop your financial options around to the best lender. 

2. Brokers act as the middle man – we will help facilitate the paper between you and the lender. This will save you time, money, and at times your sanity. 

3. Brokers compare wholesale mortgage rates from a variety of banks and lenders – we can typically offer you lower interest rates since we have access to them. (Side note: MBL works with 15 different lenders)

4. Brokers are pros at working with your UNIQUE situations – since the economy has been on a roller coaster ride, we pride ourselves in offering services, guidance, and lenders that work with people who have had a challenging financial past.

5. Brokers understand the power of accessibility  – our priority is our clients, and if that means working with you and your mortgage outside of the Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm hours, then we will do it.

6. Brokers are required to be licensed with the state – Loan officers at retail banks are NOT required to be licensed with the state and are not fully aware of the state guidelines for each particular loan program.

There are numerous resources available to help assist you in making an informed decision.  After you study the information and know the facts then you can make the choice that best fits your needs. Of course, we are confident that you will choose us, The Mortgages By Linda Team for your mortgage needs! 

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