Credit Advice: Know The Truth!

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As we work with new and returning home buyers, we’ve realized that many of them are receiving credit advice that is harmful to their loan approval process.

We’ve heard things such as:


“Go to multiple lenders and have them pull your credit to see what you can qualify for.”


“Income only matters (not credit) when it comes to how much how you can buy.”


“The builder (for new construction) is saying that they have to pull my credit in order to qualify for this new build.”


“The “so and so” credit website said my score was higher than that, so I should be able to qualify for more.”


All of the above statements are not accurate and can actually lower your credit score and possibly jeopardize your home loan process. Regardless of who you are working with to obtain a mortgage, your credit is your financial reputation in the economic world; it’s okay to question what they are asking of you and to politely say, “No, I’m going to ask around to ensure that’s correct.”


Mortgages By Linda takes pride in taking personal care of our buyers and giving them truthful and up to date information regarding their credit, credit score, credit repair, and the best possible home loan for their financial situation. We believe that honesty is a wonderful policy to build our business on…hey, it’s worked for us these last (successful) 14 years!

-TeamMBL (Call us at 904-591-3662!)

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