If a neighbor’s tree falls on your home, who pays for the cleanup?

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If a neighbor’s tree falls on your home, who pays for the cleanup?

GREAT question and if you were in the recent warpath of Hurricane Irma, then you know that knowledge is power to protect you, your home, and your family.


There are SIX things we would recommend when that happens:


1. CALL your homeowner’s insurance agent immediately.


2. Where the tree FALLS determines who pays for it.


3. If the tree is ROOTED in your neighbor’s yard, and it crashes in your property, it’s your responsibility.
(Note: Many are surprised that wherever the tree landed, that person is responsible for dealing with it regardless of where the tree came from)


4. Once the insurance agent gives the green light, the homeowner is responsible for HIRING contractors to remove the fallen tree.
(Note: Homeowners can save money cutting up the tree themselves and then hiring someone to simply remove logs and branches. However, unless skilled with a chainsaw, owners should leave tree removal to professionals.)


5. Depending on the extent of damage, a homeowner might need several contractors to finish the job.
(Note: One you remove the tree, you will need a roofer, and possibly a general contractor.)


6. TAKE plenty of pictures. Do this prior to tree removal and of any part of property that was damaged, including where the tree fell from (your neighbor’s yard).


**This information was taken from insurance companies.


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